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Architecture emerges out of passionate and unending debate. Every design involves theory. Indeed, architects talk as much as they draw. This class will explore the way that theory is produced and deployed at every level of architectural discourse from normal written arguments to the seemingly casual discussions in the design studio. A series of case studies, from Vitruvius through Cyber-Chat, from ancient treatises on parchment to flickering web pages, will be used to show how the debate keeps adapting itself to new conditions while preserving some relentless obsessions. Architectural discourse will be understood as a wide array of interlocking institutions, each of which has its own multiple histories and unique effects. How and why these various institutions were put in place will be established and then their historical transformations up until the present will be traced to see which claims about architecture have been preserved and which have changed.

The history of Architectural Theory. Mark Wigley

Sin duda alguna puede que las clases de historia de Mark sean las mejores que se impartan respecto la teoria de la arquitectura. Puesto que no las he presenciado no se de que versan pero seguro que los doce temas de que consta con una bibliografia superios a los 300 libros con Tafuri, Kevin Lynch, Geogiadis Sokatis, etc. Dista mucho de las clases de los historicos de historia, donde simplemente el hecho de introducir en la descripcion de la asignatura el parrafo como el anterior seria un desproposito sinsentido.

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